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    Lightroom Catalog Options


      What is the purpose of the setting "Import sequence number" on the file handling tab of Catalog settings? On my system it seems to be at "6" for some reason.  When I import photos, I rename them and add a sequence number.  But I always make sure that this is set to 1 for each new import.  Are the two functions associated?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          LR remembers the last used sequence number so that you can start where you left off. This number is auto-filled into the import dialog but you can change it before pressing the "import" button.


          Most folks find that the Import Sequence Number to be less than useful due to you having no control over what order the images are imported in. Keeping the file number assigned by the camera is often more helpful.


          When I transfer my images from the memory cards to the hard drive, the files get renamed to yyyymmdd_nnnn where nnnn is the original file number. I then reset the camera back to one manually after every download. This makes the file name sort just like the image timestamps.

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            jvedette Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.