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    Preferences keep reseting


      Hi All,


      I imported photo's fine today, closed lightroom CC as usual, and when I came back to work on the photo's I opened Lightroom CC and it reset every preference, and user setting to default. My catalog is still there just nothing else. I looked under the preferences folder and I can see the "Lightroom 6 preferences.agprefs, but now there is a new one that says Lightroom 6 startup preferences.agprefs... I've tried deleting the startup file, but it just reloads when I start up lightroom. is there a way to point lightroom at the correct file? Also my old Lightroom 4 preferences.aprefs is still in the folder... if nothing else can that one be used... I'd hate to have to start all over setting up everything. Also I never had this issue with Lightroom 4 this is only my 3rd month having lightroom CC and it reset my preferences.


      any help would be appreciated.