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    Problem moving photos to an external drive


      Hello, All,


      Very new to LR-

      I wanted to move 900 photos from my internal drive to an external drive that also contained a different LR catalog and photo file. The external drive was not recognized, so within LR I created a new folder,etc.--so far-so good. I then dragged and dropped the internal drive folder to the new external drive folder. During the transfer, an error message came up twice stating that some XMP data could not be transferred. After clicking OK, the photo transfer continued. The external drive took all the photos, but now I have two issues. 1) 15 of 44 photos in a subfolder called "Christmas 2014" moved without problem the other 29 can be found in the main parent, but I can't seem to get them to the subfolder. I get the message "File already already exists at the destination" when I try to drag and drop the 29 photos from the grid view. 2) In a folder called "Christmas 2015" with 70 photos, there is a subfolder by the same name containing 11 photos that are duplicates. When I try to remove the subfolder, the 11 photos are also removed from the parent. Thank goodness for "undo"! The folder/subfolder hierarchy and all the photos are correct in the finder. I was thinking about restoring the photos back to their original spot in the pictures folder on the internal drive. Would I need to do the same with a catalog backup? Any better ideas or thoughts? As always,thanks so much!

      (Yosemite, LR CC)