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    Hot / Dead Pixel Filter Failing

    Nicolas Alexander Otto Level 1

      Hey Forum Users and Staff. I have noticed something that is really bugging me recently and I would certainly appreciate some help. Since I am shooting a D800 I have issues with hot pixels not automatically getting removed in Lightroom. Back when I first noticed I used a different RAW Converter instead (RAWTherapee) which seems to work fine. But since CC I started using Lightroom for organization purposes as well and well I just want to use it since I'm paying for it and I can't get it into my head that LR can't do what a freeware program can.


      I assume that this is simply a bug or something of the sort but I I have no idea what to do to fix it.


      Here's an example of a developed RAW file of one base exposure for the foreground of a night shot which I had to expose for about 5 minutes thus quite a few hot pixels (sensor was running hot because I had to take several shots in a row for focus stacking). I really hope you guys can give me a hint.Unbenannt.JPG

      Oh, my old Pentax K5 shots do get cleaned up btw. So it seems to be an issue related to the D800 RAWs I assume.