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    FMR - Zoom Areas

    CIO Danny
      We're having a hard time with zoom areas when used with FMR. The FMR recording itself is working fine and the zoom itself is fine, but when motion within the zoom starts, it leaves single pixel lines all over the zoom window. We've tried everything and are stuck. Can anyone help?
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          JPCaptivate Level 1

          How are you using zoom area and FMR together? I did not understand your problem.

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            CIO Danny Level 1
            When I use Full Motion Recording, with a presentation, I can play back that recording when editing and it looks just fine. When I apply a zoom area to that recording, I receive movement distortion in the zoom area display box (no matter the size of the zoom area). As an example, in one presentation, we full motion recorded us typing in our userID and password in the userID and password fields of a particular website When we apply a zoom area to that recording, there appeared a black distortion line between each typed letter in the zoom area display of that full motion recording. Distortion of some kind, whether straight lines, squiggly lines, etc will display in EVERY full motion recording that we apply a zoom area to... and the distortion actually appears in response to any movement within the actual recording. Again, this happens no matter the size of the zoom area display window.

            This happens with Captivate 3 and 4, and has happened on three different make and model PC's and laptops.
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              M_Anand Level 3
              Hi CIO Danny,

              The appearance of lines appear because re-sizing of the .swf file.
              If you could articulate your requirements then we could think of some workaround but whenever you attempt to *RESIZE* the swf file created after recording, you would always see those lines.

              This issue would come in all .swf files created post screen capture from any software.