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    .MOV lags when trying to play back

    Nick Blade

      I´ve recently gotten into After Effects, so i followed a tutorial on youtube. I made an animation with Cinema 4D and imported it to After Effects and added an optical flare. Everthing was done so i only needed to render it. I rendered the composition as an .AVI file (1280 x 720) and it played back smooth. After that i tried to put it on my phone, but apple doesn´t support .AVI. So i tried rendering it as a .MOV (1280 x 720), but it laged really bad. On my pc as well as on my phone. Does anyone have a solution?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          All default output settings use no compression or only "lossless" (binary) compression, so inevitably they produce large files with heavy data rates. you need to use compressed files for smooth playback like H.264. Do a bit of reading up. This topic is covered widely here on this forum and the Internet in general.



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            Nick Blade Level 1

            well, the thing is, i didn't render it lossless, the file is only 830KB and it's 9 seconds long, first i did render it lossless and it was over a GB, so it seems to be something else

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There's no way to tell what is going on without workflow and render details. It could be anything from a poorly chosen and setup format to comp frame size that is causing the problem.  Generally you should be using the Adobe Media Encoder to render h.264 MP4 files using one of the standard presets. Any other options require a decent knowledge of compression and formats to reliably render files that can be played back without problems.