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    Adobe Acrobat Reader app on iPad mini




      I have an ebook in PDF format with audio embedded (in mp3 format) that I would like my readers to be able to listen to when reading the book.


      I have embedded the audio into the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.


      When I open the PDF file in Adobe Reader on my laptop, I can listen to the audio, no problem.


      If I download the PDF file to an iPad (mini) and open the file using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, however, I cannot playback the audio.


      Does anyone have any similar experiences and suggestions how to resolve this problem?


      The audio is an essential part of the book and I would like my readers to be able to enjoy this feature. I suspect the majority of my readers will be using an iPad (mini) to read the book.


      Thank you kindly in advance.