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    RH 8 trial installation

    RexID Level 1
      I would like to install a trial of RH 8, but I'm in the middle of an important project, and cannot have it affected. Will the installation of a RH 8 trial have any effect on my current installation of RH 7, or any of its files.?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there

          The two versions nicely exist side by side. No need for worries there. As long as you don't touch live work with 8, you should be fine. Create a new project or make a copy of an existing project to test with.

          Oh, and if you are accustomed to opening projects by double-clicking the project file from Windows Explorer, well...

          See, the install configures the file association so that project files are now associated with the new version. So if you attempted to open an older version by double-clicking, 8 would open and attempt to work with it. But that's just the nature of Windows and the way it works with software. Not a shortcoming of 8.

          Cheers... Rick