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    Adding mask to precomp major issue

    JR2010 Level 1

      I'm assuming this is yet another bug in AE ???


      I've taken a several layers with overlays, precomp...nothing new there.  Click the "For Comp layer: Collapse Transformation" button to retain my overlays....again, no issue. Ahh, now add another layer as a "track matte" and all the precomp overlays disappear and don't work.  Really pissing me off, tried 6 ways to Sunday to workaround it and I can't.

      Precomp & Overlay 1.pngOverlay wrong.PNG

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That is pretty much to be expected. Enabling CR changes the rendering order and some tricks thus won't work. You need to restructure your project to make this work such as having the actual matte as a separate pre-comp, so it can be re-used everywhere and behaves consistently.



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            JR2010 Level 1

            To add to this.... pretty much anything you add to a precomp will destroy the overlays layers inside....adobe WTF?

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              JR2010 Level 1

              Thanks...that doesn't appear to work either ugh.  Nothing like 400 layers, when a precomp should do the trick.  Back to the drawing board.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It would really help if we saw the timeline with modified properties revealed. Have you tried the comp in CC 2014 or CC? With Collapse transformations turned on a Track matte will and I believe always has fouled up the blend modes in a nested comp. It's a render order thing. Here is what I think is going on in your comp using CC.


                You can still change the blend mode even with CT turned on in AE. It just doesn't show up in the list. That should solve the problem. Even adding a mask will cause the nested blend mode(s) to fail to come through on a nested comp with CT applied.  Here's what CC 2015 looks like with the ADD mode active on a nested comp with CT applied. Everything else like rasterizing vector images still works, only the blend modes get fouled up with you add a mask or track matte to a nested comp with CT applied.


                I'm not sure why you need the track matte or why you would not do the track matte in the pre-comp. I'm also not sure why you need to collapse transformations on the layer or pre-compose it because I don't understand your comp structure or what is going on in the animation. None of these examples show how I would tackle this kind of a design because it would force me to use AE to overlay all of the titles to keep the blend mode of the bar working on the background layer. I would design something that a could be rendered or text editable template for use in my NLE or Premiere Pro to do the titles. I would then change the blend mode in Premiere Pro if simple transparency did not do the trick..

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                  JR2010 Level 1

                  Rick,  asking a designer to use transparency and no overlays is ridiculous, come on man . Pretty simple, 4 or 5 layers using overlays to get desired look of lower third bar, these aren't going to premiere or avid or anywhere else, I'm rendering them all.  Yes that sucks, but that's how this shop works.  Take those layers, with overlays, precomp them...perfect, turn on CT, oh, still perfect.  Those are precomp so I can do a postion move on the whole precomp using a track matte, mask layer, wipe...however you want to achieve it.... doesn't work.  Sure I can go thru each layer but that seems a bit silly. If this has never worked then old age is really getting to me and I should be put in a home. I'm not understanding why I can't add anything to that precomp without it destroying the desired overlays inside precomp, not a mask, not a wipe, nothing

                  Precomp 2.png

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                    JR2010 Level 1

                    I guess I should stop using overlays.... I mean blending modes just to be clear.

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                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                      If you have AE CC 2014 on your machine, open the project file in it.  AE CC 2014 will let you do that.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

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                        JR2010 Level 1

                        ok fine Dave, you're right...is that what u want to hear ..lol.  I'm having my wife call a home as I type.

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If there is only one blend mode then just grab the blend modes in the nested (pre-comp) layer and change it to ADD. That is available even though it's not visible. Everything else you need CT for will work. If you are just masking or animating the lower third with a track matte then CT should not be needed. Don't misunderstand me. I use blend modes all the time. I just know that if I want to nest a layer that has a bunch of different blend modes and I need to mask that nested layer with a track matte or mask that I must design it so that I do not have to collapse transformations or I will have to animate the mask or add the mask in the nested comp. I do that all the time. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding the use of the track matte I see no reason that it couldn't be included in the pre-comp.


                          Give switching the blend mode to ADD a try on your Title Bar comp. I could offer a better suggestion if I knew what the structure of the comp was.


                          If it were me and the square with the 13 inside and the bar with the ADD mode needed to be animated using a track matte I would probably keep both layers in the main comp, parent one to another and use Set Matte to do the wipe with a pre-comp as the source. Another approach would be to set up expressions to animate the size of the shape layer you are using for the bar based on the in and out point of the layer, maybe put the 13 in a box on the same shape layer, use the internal blend modes and shape animators to make the box slide in as needed without any keyframes at all. Just setting the in and out point would do it. The shape layer would then be saved as an animation preset. That's another thing that I do all the time.

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                            JR2010 Level 1

                            That will work Rick.  Why I was thinking it would work I have no excuses. 

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                              JR2010 Level 1

                              would u believe the sun was in my eyes? no