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    Multiple Audio Outputs - Multiple Room Media Playback - Choose Audio Playback Device




      I've been tasked with building an Audio/Video player using Adobe Air that can send either Video, Audio, or Both to separate rooms.


      Accessing the screens is quite easy using the Screens class. So, I have no problem sending separate videos to the separate displays in each room.


      The second half, however, is proving to be much more difficult. I also need to send the associated audio for the videos to the audio output devices located in each room. I had hoped that there would be an Audio device array, much as there is a Video device array (in Screens). That doesn't appear to be the case though.


      I have 4 audio output devices (sets of speakers) currently set up to playback the audio for each screen in each room. The setup works fine in Windows, so I know the hardware and devices are correct. Is there a method that I am missing that would allow me to send audio to the various audio devices connected to the system?