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    placing Illustrator file in InDesign and wanting to wrap text inside .ai graphic


      Mac 10.10

      Indesign 2015.2


      I have created graphic in Illustrator and saved as .ai format. Placed the graphic in InDesign.

      My question is in InDesign if you select text wrap, Wrap around object shape and select detect edges just the square bounding box shows.


      How do you get the placed illustrator file to see the detect edges that follow the placed graphic.

      Do I need to go into Object - Clipping Path - select detect edges - Set Threshold 1 in order to then wrap the text around or inside graphic?

      If I do it this way I am able to wrap the text inside the graphic but am concered that this will alter my vector graphics.


      Photoshop psd file placed in inDesign and then selecting text wrap and select detect edges the edges follow the image but not Illustrator graphics??


      I tried to ask this same question with the Adobe text support and they said in Indesign you can not show detect edges from an Illustrator file to either wrap the text around the graphic or inside the graphic.


      Is there a work around, Do I need to create the art in Illustrator and do all the text wraps in illustrator and then place them in InDesign?