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    Topics shown in Search results that shouldn't show

      When I preview the compiled help file and do a search for a word it's displaying topics that I don't want to show. These topics are not in the TOC and are not Indexed.

      I inherited our co's Tech Writer position so I'm learning about RH by trial and error. I'm using RH7. The help files were created in RH 5 (or earlier) but had to install RH7 on Vista.

      While working on an existing RH Help file I have a few topics that were mistakes, from me experimenting, or are the old one's that I'm updating and changing. In either case I thought I could leave them hidden inside just as a safety measure or to refer back to. I assumed if they weren't put into TOC or Indexed than they shouldn't show to the outside world. When I search on a word that's either in the topic title or in the text those topics are listed.

      Can I prevent them from showing in Search? They don't show in TOC and they don't show in the Index. Is my only option to delete them? I've looked all through the Topic properties and don't find a solution.