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    15 Adobe background process running when I'm NOT using any Adobe application. What are they for?

    DanTron78 Level 1

      System resources are valuable.

      I am about to disable / shutdown ALL of the Adobe services below.


      But before I do (and probably screw everything up) will someone please explain in detail what each of these Adobe services do.


      Granted, some of them are self-explanatory like Adobe Acrobat Update Service but

      Why does it need to be running all the time?

      Why is there a separate update service for Acrobat than the other Adobe products?

      Why does Adobe Installer.exe need to be running when I am not installing anything?

      What is Evented I/O for V8 Javascript service used for?

      If I am not using any Creative Cloud Sync features why does it need to be running?

      What does Adobe IPC Broker do?

      What does Adobe CEF Helper do?


      NameProcess Name
      AcroTray (32 bit)acrotray.exe
      Adobe Acrobat Update Servicearmsvc.exe
      Adobe CEF Helper (32 bit)Adobe CEF Helper.exe
      Adobe CEF Helper (32 bit)Adobe CEF Helper.exe
      Adobe Creative Cloud (32 bit)Creative Cloud.exe
      Adobe Installer (32 bit)Adobe Installer.exe
      Adobe IPC BrokerAdobeIPCBroker.exe
      Adobe Update ServiceAdobeUpdateService.exe
      Adobe Genuine Software Integrity ServiceAGSService.exe
      Creative CloudAdobe Desktop Service.exe
      Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript (32 bit)node.exe
      Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript (32 bit)node.exe


      Thanks for your help.