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    Store Original Images in the Cloud




      I am looking to store my original photos in the cloud (not just previews and edits etc.) so that I can access these on two separate computers to make edits in Lightroom on either machine. I understand Creating Cloud is not meant as an online storage platform for mass uploads therefore I was considering Dropbox or Google Drive.


      Question; if I have two separate computers, each with Lightroom CC installed, both linked to their local copies of my Dropbox folder as the Library location, will Lightroom on each computer recognise that they are the same pictures if I make the local path to the Dropbox folder the same on each computer, e.g. c:\dropbox\photos



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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi cj.jonesie,


          As far as I understand, you are willing to store your original images on dropbox and maintain Lightroom catalogs on two different machines.


          If you will store only Pictures on your dropbox folder, the catalogs would still remain separate on both machines so both catalogs would be able to recognize the pictures as same but the editing in both catalogs would remain different.

          If you want to access same catalog from both machines, then it would be suggested to store your Lightroom catalog and original images on external hard and plugin that drive on the machine on which you want to perform editing.




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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The critical consideration in this type of workflow is to make sure that time is allowed for the dropbox folder to update and synchronize with the cloud storage. If you're doing a lot of editing on large files this could take considerable time. In my opinion, a more reliable method would be to store the images and the catalog on an external hard drive that could be connected to either computer.

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              cj.jonesie Level 1

              Thanks all. I looks like I will have to resort to an external drive until Adobe catch up with online storage.

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                selondon Adobe Community Professional

                Well Adobe did (and still do, until Feb 23) have a Cloud Storage solution that once linked to Lightroom and I'm sure if they wanted to, it could have been upgraded for better syncing. It even had pretty good mobile apps also and thus edits made on any device would update in the cloud. Again, although editing capabilities were not as extensive as LR's, a hybrid with the best of the two would have been ideal.


                It seemed though that Adobe Revel was discarded as Adobe wanted to 'focus' (increase profits by) on the enthusiasts and professionals and not the consumer user, although it was probably used by all of them.


                As a Revel user (and a graphics professional) who is going to try out Photography CC plan, the thing I really need is Cloud Storage with good sharing capabilities. We are told this is coming to LR and I'm just about to ask....