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    Adobe form does not display comments or radio buttons on mobile devices


      I created a form that contains radio buttons and comment fields.  I am having coaches evaluate students.  When the student opens the form on a PC/Mac they see the radio buttons, comments fine.  Unfortunately, when they open on a mobile the radio buttons and comments disappear.  I have tested it, and if you open the file in the Adobe Reader app on the mobile it works, but not in preview mode within email.  I cannot ask everyone to download the adobe reader app to see the eval, so the only other workaround I thought of was to export the pdf as an image so they can see it on their mobile.  The export is multiple image files which of course is cumbersome it trying to figure out which page is next etc and for which eval.


      1.  Is there a way to create a form that will display correctly in preview on a mobile?  or

      2.  Is there a way to export a multiple page pdf into one image file? or

      3.  Other idea?


      Thank you in advance for your help.