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    InDesign Tables to Fillable PDF forms


      I have a need for an InDesign table with 50 rows and 4 columns to become a fillable form in Adobe DC. The auto-detect isn't detecting anything. This is just too many form fields to create manually, too meticulous and tedious. Is there a way to create them with a script?

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          Which ID version?

          If lower then CS6 ==> check this page, where some utility  ( thx to Marijan Tompa [tomaxxi] ) is described.



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            The latest version from CC.


            I found my solution from a different post here https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1522591?sr=inbox. You just create and size text frames inside each cell and activate each text frame to be a text field (Object > Interactive > Convert to text field).


            I just made a text frame and magnified the page so I could be more accurate with fitting it into the cell, and then started copying and pasting, sizing, and more copying and pasting, then was able to select an entire row and copy and paste that, and so on. All of the rows are the same with varying widths within each. I just did a test and copied and pasted to multiple rows and exported to PDF. The fields are already there, all aligned perfectly, numbered correctly! Way more control this way. Very cool! This copy and paste method is a lot quicker and more accurate than trying to do it in Adobe DC.


            Super stoked on this!