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    Air HTML/JS WinXP - Font specified in CSS doesn't work in App

      I have an app that runs on several machines... on one of them, however, the font has started failing to load in my app. The App loads a web page and displays it. The font is installed locally on the machine. I can use it in IE and Wordpad, but the App doesn't see it.

      The other machines have no problems with the app. The machine has been upgraded to Air 1.5, but the App was built for 1.0. The font is an OpenType font.

      I have tried all manner of things to get the font to show up properly: Changing the CSS, making sure the font works properly, renaming and trying it. Removing the application's directory in \Application Data\.

      It looks like it's defaulting to Arial or some such font... the system default. The system has a Volari XGI video card in it. Could that be the problem? Is there a cache I need to clear?

      Thanks in advance!