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    Using "Publish to Hard drive" service : Some photos stay in "Modified Photos to republish" even if I publish it




      First of all I beg you to excuse my bad english. [je suis francais :-)  ]


      I've got 2 différents problems with some photos in some smart albums used in some "Publish to hard drive" service [Service de publication Disque Dur] :


      - some of them stay in the "Modified Photos to republish" section ["Photos modifiées à republier"] even when I publish it. The published photo is created and saved on my hard drive, but the photo goes to the "Published photos" section [Photos publiées] for a second, and then go back to the "Modified Photos to republish" section. To move then back in "Published photo", I need to use the "Mark as up to date" option [Marquer comme à jour] in their right click menu.


      - on the other hand, some ot them (perhaps the same ones) stay stucked in the "Publised photos" section even if I do some changes (adding keyword, changing some development options...).


      Can I have some help please ?