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    How to open CS5 files in CS4


      I have made many files on my home computer, which runs Adobe Master Suite CS5 on a MacBook Pro. At school. they run Adobe Master Suite CS4. So, I take CS4 files from my school that I've worked on to work at home. I can open the file, make changes, and it forces me to re-save the file (I'm guessing this is so it will be a "CS5" file)

      However, I could save as an IDML file, but I would lose the pictures that go along with it, and I would have to readjust virtually the whole page.


      I have attached two images

      1) A picture of some of the missing plugins Adobe InDesign CS4 says it needs to open these files

      2) A picture of my folders that contain plugins for Adobe InDesign CS5--which I could hopefully just drag over to CS4?


      My question: Can you not update the plugins from Adobe CS5 and put them in CS4...or download the missing plugins you have and put those in your plugins folder so you can open the files

      Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.19.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.06.11 PM.png