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    lightroom 6 does not launch




      I have a problem. I did a trasnfer of all my applications (softwares, hardwares) and accounts from an Imac 2010 (updated to OS El Capitan) to a mac pro 2015 (new) (OS El Capitan) yesterday.

      I have lightroom 6 (apparently no update missing). It works fine on the Imac with the El Capitan update.

      Since the transfer, on the new mac, I can't launch LIghtroom. It starts then the first presentation image skips and there is no information, no report on the screen and Lightroom is closed (no black dot meaning it's opened in the dock). Each time I reinstall the applications from the Time Machine (saved from the Imac), I can launch LIghtroom and it works properly. But as soon as I close lightroom or switch off the computer, I can't launch Lightroom again.


      Have tried removing the plug ins, disabling the GPU and am lost and can't work. Any idea, solution, advice ?