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    verity search results return application.cfm

      We've got a couple of sites using verity collections to search cfml, html, and some mime documents. This is generally successful. However, we do see coldfusion script-only pages returning in the search results, including application.cfm, and other cfm pages that do not display content to the end-user. Since there is no HTML renderable content in these pages, why do they get included in the results?

      How can I control this behavior? I've looked at the verity documentation, and am trying to use the mkvdk utility to delete application.cfm from the collection documents, but am getting an error. If I can get the syntax down correctly, is this the proper way of addressing the problem?

      For instance, I am using the command string:
      mkvdk -delete -collection C:\CFusionMX\verity\collections\intranet\file application.cfm
      on my local development machine to try and test this, but get an error BadKeys: application.cfm

      I don't understand why these types of files get included in the collection in the first place. Oh, we are running CFMX6.1.

      Thanks for any help.