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    Force update of text frames dimensions

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      Hello folks,


      I am having an issue with data merge and conditional texts when a variable text is contained in an auto-size text frame used as an anchored object in another text frame (I hope it's clear)


      - When the variable text becomes larger, the auto-size text frame usually expands (not always in the right direction by the way), but it never shrinks when the amount of text decreases.

      - If I jiggle the parent text frame a little bit by changing its position, then the dimensions and the location of the anchored object are updated and everything looks good again.


      Is there a way to force the update of every anchored objects in the entire document via a script or something so I don't need to manually jiggle every text frame ?

      (Adding an event listener when the visibility of a condition is toggled would be amazing but I may be asking too much)


      I use anchored objects to nest conditions in my variable texts and I need the rest of the text to flow. If you know another way to do that I can give it a go as well.


      Thanks in advance for your inputs