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    NUMA and jakarta




      (CF11.07-ent, IIS8.5)



      NUMA and jakarta?
      In the application pool that is assigned to my CF application site, there is a setting called "Maximum Worker Processes" and generally this

      would be left at 1 (the default). However, this setting supports NUMA and the IIS help on this says: "On a NUMA aware system, if this number is

      0, IIS will start as many worker processes as there are NUMA nodes for optimal performance."



      Since my system has 2 NUMA nodes, I decided to test this by setting this to 0 on MyTestAppPool. Now in task manager there are two IIS Worker

      Process running as MyTestAppPool. Just as one would expect.



      Then I add my-CF-test-site.com into MyTestAppPool. (this site uses wsconfig/1/isapi_redirect.dll)

      Then I look at isapi_redirect.log and I see an entry I have never seen before:

      [warn] init_jk::jk_isapi_plugin.c (3312): Loading different shared memory JK_localhost_1_jakarta/isapi_redirect. Already loaded JK_my-CF-


      QUESTION :  Can I use NUMA with CF/jakarta? Should I?