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    In Design CS6 Crashes since Yosemite


      My InDesign CS6 is crashing since my last OS update.  I've updated Java, and this is from my crash report.  I was expecting a corrupt font, plugin or extension to be the problem but there's no mention of anything in particular that makes any sense to me. I'm no techie so would really appreciate any help or suggestions on this as i have a few deadlines that are looming.


      Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

      0   com.adobe.InDesign.Text Panel 0x1843b5c2 GetPlugIn + 152114

      1   com.adobe.InDesign.Text Panel 0x184460b4 GetPlugIn + 195876

      2   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework 0x18c939c7 GetPlugIn + 189831

      3   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework 0x18c922dc GetPlugIn + 183964

      4   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework 0x18c49d56 0x18c3b000 + 60758

      5   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework 0x18c68327 GetPlugIn + 12007

      6   com.adobe.InDesign             0x00001ec5 main + 341

      7   com.adobe.InDesign             0x00001d55 start + 53


      Thanks guys.