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    data files on dvd


      Is it possible, using Premiere Elements, to write data file(s) on a DVD in addition the the usual video content? I want to add some computer-readable extras - e.g. pdf files.

      If so, how?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's not possible with Premiere Elements.


          You'll need to use a supplemental third-party disc authoring program (like DVD Architect Studio) that includes this feature.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I do not believe all alternative opportunities have been mentioned. You do not need a "disc authoring program".


            True, Premiere Elements does not have burn to data disc. But consider....assuming your goal is DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with supplemental files included on the DVD disc..


            In Premiere Elements, burn your Timeline content to Folder to get the the VIDEO_TS Folder in the folder that is saved in the process.


            Then take that VIDEO_TS Folder and your supplemental files in the free ImgBurn program to get the wanted end product. This process is putting your files on the DVD disc and is not authoring (creating the DVD structure/files) that was done in Premiere Elements..


            What version of Premiere Elements and what computer operating system. The use of ImgBurn makes this a Windows Only route. Premiere Elements 14/14.1 no longer has burned to folder, just ISO image. The .iso file would be expected to work for this purpose. I have not tried that. I have for what I described above.


            Please consider.



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              am37280419 Level 1

              That's a great observation - I've already done the video editing so just need to write to disc (DVD).

              I'm using a Mac (so imgBurn is not available I believe), and Premiere Elements 14 - so I cannot burn to folder.

              So, I thought - read the VIDEO_TS folder back from a created (video) DVD, and then burn it (and any other files I want) back to a new DVD.

              This only partially works - the computer says it's not a valid disc, and one dvd player will work if just the VIDEO_TS folder is there, but not data files.

              I have been writing these discs using the Mac Finder "burn to disc" facility - but I assume there is something different about the format of a "genuine" video dvd.

              Any further ideas or information would be welcome!

              Thanks again.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                With the VIDEO_TS Folder or .iso file and supplemental files you may be taking these into your burn program using a setting for DVD-VIDEO authoring/creation of the DVD video files/structure. You need to assure that your burn program is set rather for whatever is described for  taking already created DVD files and folders to disc. What program or computer feature are you using for this?


                I am thinking about this some more.




                Add On...have you explored for the burn software (a) Mac's Disc Utility (b) Nero software (c) Toast software.....?

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                  am37280419 Level 1

                  Thank you for your interest and help.


                  I have in fact been using the Mac Disc Utility in my attempts, and I have not investigated Nero or Toast - I wonder if they would solve the problem. The Mac Disc Utility does not seem to offer any options for settings - you simply drag folders/files to the "burn folder".


                  I am puzzled why two discs which apparently have the same folder/file structure behave so differently.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    What you want to do is very possible. The key is you are copying already built DVD video files and structure and you wanted documents to the DVD disc. You are not creating the DVD video files and structure. That is why the burner setting is so import. You do not want the burn to DVD-VIDEO setting. You want the one the reads burning DVD files or something like that. Nero can do the job in a Windows computer environment. Nero, I believe, has a Mac version. So, sounds like a can do task. Toast is a strong candidate for the job also.


                    I am not sure what you can push the Mac Disk Utility to do.


                    We will be watching for your progress. I have seen several online article where Mac users have done this.


                    Best wishes