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    Distributing AIR Runtime with a commercial AIR app: permitted?

      I did some Googling around for the answer to this, and I discovered, according to a couple bloggers, that while it's definitely permitted to sell applications you make with AIR, you cannot sell the runtime. That makes perfect sense, but I'm wondering if that comes into conflict with including the runtime on a disc/in a paid download.

      Similarly to how Windows games include a DirectX installer for people who somehow don't have that yet, I was wondering if it violates some kind of copyright or intellectual property thing to include an Adobe AIR runtime installer in whatever package I distribute my application in. That way, rather than giving someone a .air file that they have no idea what to do with (unless they read the manual, which many people, um, won't), I can include an installer program for each of the three platforms which will either open the AIR file if it can, or tell the user "This program needs AIR to breathe!" or something and then installs the runtime. That way they don't have to go download something else.

      Just a convenience thing that I'd like to do, so I want to make sure it's permitted.