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    tethering canon 7d freezes


      I have Lightroom 6.3 which is supposed to fully support the Canon 7D Mark II - the only reason I forked out for the upgrade to 5.


      However, when tethering the camera, the first shot will work, as will subsequent shots if I don't change the focus distance.

      As soon as I need to focus closer, the camera freezes. It will not respond to remote control or to on-camera buttons. I have to turn it off and on again to get control.

      LR6 only gets control again if I stop tethered capture and restart it after restarting the camera.


      With Canon's EOD Utility, I can move abot and change focus as much as I like and remote capture continues to work, so it is not a camera issue.


      I have followed all the troubleshooting steps in the "tethering Troubleshooting" article to no avail.