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    Wasting My Time?

    Joe_Walker Level 1

      I'm just now allocating some of my After Effects / Cinema 4D mograph time to learning some animation chops for the web. Am I wasting my time learning Edge Animate since it's discontinued, or will it's features be rolled into Adobe Animate CC?


      Thanks in advance.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          EA development being discontinued does not prevent you from using it. I am still using it in production every day and it probably will be fine for a long time unless a browser update brakes it which is possible but not extremely likely.


          Flash/Animate 2016 includes HTML5 Canvas. It is possible that it will include EA features along the road but we really do not know at this time.


          I personally think that EA is the best product at this time to do css/javascript products because of an excellent UI and relatively easy coding. There are other very good products like Greensock but this is all coding and no UI per-se to develop. Of course Greensock can be included in EA. I have some tutorials about that on Edgehero ( Edgehero | Edge Animate CC Community | Home )  or my site ( MJ Page Design ).


          I guess if you are doing something that is not totally critical, then go ahead and use EA.

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            Joe_Walker Level 1



            The cell based timeline in Flash has always made me cringe, so it's nice to work more fluidly in EA. I hope we see some of this in the evolution of Animate.


            Thanks again for the input.