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    Unable to convert to InDesign Markup Language


      we had a document this morning that came in as cc2015 and got this strange message when using the convert function to open in CC.


      Unable to convert [filename.indd] to InDesign Markup Language (IDML).

      Try again later. If the problem persists you may contact [filename.indd] author who can convert this document into IDML for you.


      i googled the message and it doesn't seem to exist online, at least not where i can find.

      the file in question did open fine on a cc2015 machine.

      there was also a provided IDML file which opened fine in CC.


      we got through it this time, but i'm not so sure about the future. so i thought i'd just share this and get a discussion going in case others are seeing it.


      Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.26.36 AM.png