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    Using reflection to discover method parameters in Premiere?




      I am trying to use the ExtendScript Toolkit to discover what APIs Premiere supports.

      I can use reflection to discover both properties and methods.

      However, when finding a method, I cannot see how to determine what parameters it takes (unless its used in the PProPanel example, there is no documentation).


      For example: I'd like to set In & Out points in the source clip window.

      I can see: qe.source.clip.setInPoint is a function, but how do you call it?


      I'd also like to set the current position in the source clip window.

      I can't see how to do this at all ???


      Any clues?






      Ps I am using 'ticks' when calling app.project.activeSequence.setPlayerPosition. Any definition of num ticks per second?

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