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    mettle skybox with 3D camera track = " unable to obtain dynamiclink project "


      As explained in the object, i can't figure out how to camera track the single front/left/etc composition created by Mettle Skybox while editing 360 footage.


      I'm getting "unable to obtain dynamic project " every time i try to track camera according to this tutorial



      This problem happens only when using SkyBox, on regular footage everything is fine


      Running ElCaptain on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 pollici, mid 2015)

      Adobe AE CC

      AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB


      I've tryed almost everything, including a COMPLETE erease of all the mac HD, to perform a totally clean install of El Captain.

      So please don't suggest any kind of Adobe Cleaner

      Since it's a clean install, i only have osx firewall installed, and i disabled it


      I've contacted Mettle, and their answer was:

      Hello Fabio,

      I wish I could help you but this error message sounds like an Adobe problem. We have no control over that :-(

      Your best bet is to please report a bug to adobe.com




      Chris Bobotis | Creative Director, Founder

      Skype: Mettlecom


      Actually, i don't have any more idea.

      Thx to anyone who will try to help me