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    Problem with book / booklet




      I'm working on a catalogue and have all the files in a book. One of the files crashes InDesign (CC Version 9.3 x64) whenever I drag it to another position in the book. At first I was unable to get the file in the book (without it crashing InDesign) but after some alterations to it I got it in. Now my problem is that I can't move it to another location in the book, after a certain file. Any idea of what might be wrong?




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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My first suspicion would be that the file is corrupt. 

          Delete the file from your book, export it as IDML, then open the IDML, save it as InDesign, then try again to place it into your book file.

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            SteMan Level 1

            Thank you for your answer. I've tried this as well but no luck. I'm in the process of saving the file in smaller files (of one spread each to see if that works). It's time consuming but at least it's only 12 spreads and not all of the catalogue.

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              sanyamt Adobe Employee


              There are multiple factors both internal and external to InDesign application that can lead to document corruption. However, I can take a look and see if the file can be repaired. Please email your InDesign file to corrupt_indesign_docs@adobe.com and I will take a look at the document.

              If the file is larger than 10 Mb, you can zip (and password protect) the file and upload to Creative Cloud account (or Dropbox) and send us the document link.



              Sanyam Talwar