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    Already imported files - Importing again



      Just learning my way around LR.


      I want to import some photos from my desktop - but its saying that they have already been imported and its not letting me do it.


      Having taken a batch of pics and putting them on my pc - i up loaded them to LR - however - Not sure what I was doing, they ended up being spread out over a couple of different folders. So I went in to these LR folders and deleted them thinking i can create just one Folder and import them again to this folder.  Having deleted the other folders and creating the new one I know can't import from desk top as its saying that they are already imported.


      Can I overide this "already imported" barrier.


      I hope this makes sense. Help much appreciated. TIA


      Sarah x

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          dj_paige Level 9

          From now on, when you import from your hard disk, you should select ADD instead of COPY or MOVE. This will keep the photos in the same folder.


          As far as the existing problem, if you have done any work on these photos in Lightroom, importing the photos again will create a brand new copy that does not have your edits or metadata applied to the photo, and will just cause confusion because now you have two copies of the photos. Better you should use Lightroom to move the photos to the desired folder, rather than having two copies and causing confusion. AN EVEN BETTER SOLUTION is to assign keywords and other metadata to the photos and forget about folders entirely, let the keywords and other metadata be your organization method and your search tool.


          Advice: Never re-import, this causes more problems than it solves.

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            MrsSC1974 Level 1

            Thanks DJ Paige - I have found the images in the all photographs catalogue and have given them a colour label.


            I want to import the to a collection now to start working on them again - can/How do I do that?


            Sorry if Im sounding a bit dense/



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              dj_paige Level 9

              You don't need a collection to start working on them. Although you could select the images with the color label (use the filter bar) and then create a new collection and tick the box that says include selected images.


              You ought to start looking at beginner's material on Lightroom rather than trying to figure out all of this yourself.


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