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    Dynamic linking... conditionally & with progress bar?


      I have a relatively small Flex application which offers the user a number of "objects" to work with. Each object contains (privately) a ton of data (mp3s, images, etc) and exposes (publically) a standard interface to the app.

      I would like these objects to be loaded on demand... i.e. when the user clicks something to say "I want to work with object X" then x.swf (or whatever) gets loaded at that point (ideally with a nice progress bar). And then x.swf hangs around in the browser cache (or wherever) so it doesnt get needleesly downloaded when the user selects object X a second time, later on.

      To start with I had all the objects and the application code bound up together in one whopping .swf, which *works*, but is less than ideal.

      Just now I've been learning about RSLs and have managed to seperate out the objects into their own .swfs and .swcs. That's a step forwards for sure (although the load time seems much higher).

      But what I *really* want is some runtime control over what gets loaded, and when.

      Any advice re this most gratefully received! :-)


      -- Reuben