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    preset filters not be able to apply

    henrysuzu Level 1


      Hello everybody




      I have Photoshop CS 6 and Lighroom CS6 (standalone) installed in my PC, and I did not have any problems before until recently.




      First Raw icons became unfamiliar shapes all of a sudden. Then I noticed Lightroom 6.3 functions except for Preset filters (B/W etc).




      I just could not grasp what was going on, and I had to uninstall both software.




      I talked to a support staff over the phone, and I realized that tech support for standalone version can be obtained only through online chat.




      I downloaded the 6.0 version first, and I was told that Adobe does not recommend download the updates because I can not get support through online chat, and it has to be through Adobe Forum. So I did not download updates, and as of now, I have 6.0 version in my PC (Win 7/64 bits).




      The more I hear about what Adobe is doing to standalone purchaser, I get more and more pissed about it.




      At any rate, as of now, with Lightroom  6.0 on my PC, I still can not use preset filters on Lightroom (I was able to do so a few weeks ago, but without any warning, and for unknown reasons, it became unusable.




      Is there anyone who can explain why the issue is happening to my PC?