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    'Scribble' titling Effect- How to do it?


      Scribble Titles.jpgHi, I've seen this titling effect used a few times and I'd really like to use it in future projects. Is the scribbled effect a plugin? And how is the coloured shape in the background applied? I really like the way the text is continually moving (see vide).

      I've also seen a magnifying glass move over this titling and wondered if anyone knew how to do that too? It's very slick. I'm still relatively new to after effects so I'd appreciate as clear and detailed a description as possible if anyone knows. Many many thanks! Please view video with password 'test'


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          LauraBo Level 1

          ah! I see the scribble is an effect on After Effects. That seems manageable now. But does anyone know how to do the very cool magnifying glass effect?




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            Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

            Create an adjustment layer over your footage, apply the distort>"bulge" effect and adjust the area of the effect to what you need.

            In the timeline/layers panel hold alt and click the stopwatch on the "bulge center" parametr to creat an expression then use the pickwhip to attach it

            to the adjustment layers it's on's position value.

            On a layer above put the graphic of the magnifying glass or whatever shape, creat a parent/child connection between the graphic and the adjustment layer then animate

            whichever one is the parent to have the effect move around the footage.