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    Your  customer service


      Having bought a Lightroom package recently and having experienced a problem with Lightroom wishing to import duplicate pictures (that it refuses to recognise as duplicates) the responses I have received from your staff are very poor.


      All I want is to be able to use the system that I have paid for.


      It could be that this is a problem caused by my iphone5 changing ‘elements’ of the data that specifically relate to the images that I have taken.


      Equally it could be an Adobe problem because the criteria used for assessing duplicates is just not ‘clever’ enough.


      Either way I do not care -  providing there is a solution somewhere.....but the manner in which the query was answered is really disappointing :-


      1. The responses initially were delayed. So how is a customer supposed to know this service isn’t just a marketing ploy with zero resources applied to it in order to make Adobe ‘appear’ customer focussed? Doesn’t good practice suggest you should reply in a specified time period and measure yourselves against this?

      2. Half of the specific questions asked were not answered. Why is this too much for your staff – it might really help customers understand? Are staff just ignorant? Are they paid peanuts? Or is it that you simply do not value your customers (in the way that large corporates should do)?

      3. There is no continuity of response ( too many different people and contradictory advice)!

      4. One response even asked “has the problem gone away?” Well I don’t believe in magic but it appears some of your staff do.

      5. As a business manager with more than 30 years experience of ‘one supplier blaming the other’ the message to me became ‘it just couldn’t possibly be us at fault’ – well how arrogant is that?

      6. Whoever ‘Geoff the kiwi’ is he needs to be reminded what his job is.......surely it is not to p*s off customers and act like an arrogant pr**. If he really is a Kiwi I think the other 5 million would be ashamed of him (at least that is my experience of NZ).


      If I receive an answer to this note I will be pleasantly surprised.....but whatever...




      Trevor Bailey



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          I'll answer you Trevor --- I've experienced that and much more.  Been trying since October to fix Import issues --- the programs ALL freeze from 5.1 version through 6.3.  The support at Adobe is abysmal.  I'm going to Paint Shop Pro Ultimate X8 and Alien Skin.  The biggest pie in the face, I think, is that I paid for 5, used it for a year until their updates wrecked the import function, and you have to PAY more to go to version 6 that still doesn't work.  Adobe has lost this customer.

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            When you talk about instant response, adobe do have their call and chat support service.

            If you are saying that Adobe staff continuously monitors the forum, you are wrong here, you will find many forums in an interval where no one from Adobe responds.

            I believe Adobe Staff is a technical team that is not much trained on how to issues but with good with the technical issue resolving.

            I agree that you might not be the only one who faced the problem with no solution.

            What you are expecting is wrong, these forums are not only for Adobe Staff, people from the world responds here.

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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is a user to user forum. Adobe staff comes here too - sometimes - but most of the answers are from users as you are. If you name Goeff, he has help hundreds of LR users here - in his freetime and without pay from Adobe for the hours spent here.


              The issues you speak about seem to be caused in using LR6.2/CC2015.2 which was, let's say a bad shot of Adobe.

              If you use 6.3 this all should be fixed.

              If not, we'll be happy to help

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This forum is primarily a user to user forum. Most of the responses given here are from other users like yourself. While it's true that Adobe staff members frequently check this forum and answer questions, it's not something that you can depend on happening every time. If you want to talk with someone from Adobe, probably your best bet would be to initiate a live chat session. Here is the link that you can follow do that:

                Contact Customer Care

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                  aprila37322156 Level 1

                  6.3 did not work


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                    Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    aprila37322156 wrote:


                    6.3 did not work


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                    What didn't work??? There are very few reported issues that aren't localised.

                    Fact is Lr6.3 works for millions of users..

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                      aprila37322156 Level 1

                      Import did not work, Geoff.  The screen goes soft grey and the program no longer responds.


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                        Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        aprila37322156 wrote:


                        Import did not work, Geoff.  The screen goes soft grey and the program no longer responds.


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                        PLease start another thread describing what you are trying to do, in detail aling with your OS and exact Lughtrrom version...