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    Sound problems and flash games


      I am testing Adobe Presenter and I have 2 questions.  After I installed the software, my browsers cannot see some flash games but the test page says that Flash 20 is working well.  I also cannot import sound or record it.  The software complains that it encountered an unexpected problemF

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Hello !

          Installing Presenter should not affect the already installed Flash Player's behavior on your system.

          Can you please confirm the following details:

          a) Presenter version your are trying to install

          b) Microsoft Office version and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit

          c) Version details of Windows Operating system

          d) Full version of the Flash Player on your system as reported at Adobe - Flash Player. The current version on my Windows 7 machine is 20,0,0,267.

          e) In which browser are you seeing the problem of non-working Flash content? Is that same content working in an alternate browser?

          f) You also mention that you are unable to import audio within Presenter. Is this occuring for any audio on that machine or is it only for this video? Can I also request you to try importing that same audio in a new project?



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            alvaroarias Level 1

            I installed Presenter 11 64-bit

            My adobe player is 20,0,0,267 and I have Windows 7.


            Presenter 11 installed and I can preview and produce power points.  However, when I record directly,

            or when I import an MP3 audio file, I get the message that "Adobe Presenter has encountered an

            unexpected problem while working with this presentation".  The power point is pptx and I saved it

            as ppt but got the same result. 


            All browsers I have (firefox, chrome, and I even tried explorer) fail to connect to a website that

            runs a flash game.  However, this website exchanges information with a server, and it might be

            a security level that was changed when I installed Presenter.

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              zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee



              Could you please check the Flash Active X version after launching link-Adobe - Flash Player in Internet Explorer. It should be

              If it is not showing as your Flash Active X version, i would suggest you to update it by launching the link - Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions in Internet Explorer.


              Kindly mark this answer as correct if it resolves the issue.

              If in case this does not resolve the issue, please mail me (zhussain@adobe.com) a convenient time as per your time zone, in order to have a connect session and discuss this problem further.



              Zeeshan Hussain

              Adobe Presenter Engineering Team