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    How capable is the SDK in Premiere?  I have a basic task I need to do.


      I'm new to Premiere but I can program in C++.  Before I dive too far into Premiere's SDK I was hoping somebody could tell me if what I want to do is possible.


      I have a system that captures 3 different videos, and an audio file.  We need to take those 4 files, and make them into one video combined.  So all 3 videos will be shrank down to a 1/4 size and fit into a corner.  The audio needs to be added too. 


      I also need to possibly add a textbox with just a bit of info into the corner that didn't get a video.


      I know this isn't a difficult task to do manually in Premiere but its always consistent and we need this automated so someone can just have the 4 files ready and possibly an XML or something with the basic text info,  user hits a button and then the program will transform everything and export out a MP4 as the final product.


      Is that the kind of task the SDK can do??