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    NO Pressure sensitivity in Lightroom 6.3 with Wacom Intuos3




      I have seen that there are a lot of threads discussing this issue, but I did not find a solution that worked for me.


      I have just installed Lightroom 6 and updated it to 6.3, I have also updated the Wacom driver to the latest 6.3.15-2 version.


      Pressure sensitivity does work everywhere else on the system (in the wacom driver, gimp, lightroom 5 etc.), but lightroom 6.3 seems to completely ignore it.


      I have tried enabling/disabling pen settings in windows, turning that on or off in the wacom driver and switching on or off the graphics hardware usage in Lightrrom - everything with absolutely NO effect.


      I really need that feature to work.... so does anyone know how to get Lightroom 6 to work correctly here? any update or secret setting?

      any help is appreciated!