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    false positives on hover

    ryan_pu Level 1

      using jQuery UI I got my stuff to drag and drop. I designed it to accept by class name so that it would ignore other droppables in the scene. I have now been asked to make all droppables have hover states, even when false.Is there a way to have it accept one className and give hover states on all .ui-droppable or something?


      function dragAndDrop(draggedItem,dropZone)


        var bool = 0;

        var draggedItem = $(draggedItem);

        var dragFromLeft = draggedItem.offset().left;

        var dragFromTop = draggedItem.offset().top;

        var dropZone = $(dropZone);



        draggedItem.draggable //Make item draggable





        $(".strobeRed").fadeTo(100, .50).fadeTo(100, 0);

        $(this).offset({top: dragFromTop, left: dragFromLeft})


        }); //'invalid'


        dropZone.droppable //Make item droppable



        drop: function(event, ui)


        $( ui.draggable ).fadeOut(),

        $( this ).droppable( "option", "disabled", true ).css("background-color", "green"), //$(this) = $(event.target)

        $( this ).draggable( "option", "disabled", true )