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    Flex builder 3 building problems

      Hi there,
      I'm using flex builder 3 Professional for debugging my application. It contains several packages that I wrote and I'm trying to debug it. The problem is that whenever I change some of the files, it doesn't build correctly the output swf file.

      So, even if I put syntax errors in some of my files, it doesn't show anything under "Problems". I tried cleaning the project, but it doesn't delete the swf. Also, I rebuilt it after deleting the output swf. I tried changing the flex-config.xml, or the compiler's arguments, but still no result....

      I tried to find a solution posted somewhere online, but it seems like developers can't resolve it easily. So, to summarize, I create a new actionscript project, have my as3 files under the src folder;I don't use any html or mxml files, just the standalone flash player debugger 10.0.12 (latest). It stops in breakpoints (some of them), but doesn't update the swf binary. How come flex builder doesn't take into account the new changes?

      Has anyone seen this weird behavior and knows how to fix it?
      Many thanks in advance