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    Question about exporting to Windows 10 mail

    Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

      Windows 10 has two options for emailing a photo. The first, and apparently the default way is 'Photo Email'. This method uses OneDrive to send the image. I want to send an image as an attachment, (not through OneDrive). If I export images from Lightroom 6 to a hard drive, it is possible to send an email with an image attached. If I use the Export to email function in Lightroom, it automatically goes to the Photo Email, or OneDrive method.


      Is there a way to change the default behavior? I can't find a preference in LR to do this, and I am not experienced enough in Windows to find the option, if it exists. I'd like to export to email from LR and have mail open with an attached image, the way it worked before upgrading to Windows 10.