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    How do I install Flash Player via the command line using sudo installer without being prompted for the "Update Flash Player Preferences" dialog box? Is there a truly Silent option, no prompts?


      From the administration guide, I run the following commands on a remote host to install flash player. However the command stalls waiting for the "Update Flash Player Preferences" dialog box to be answered. I would like to run this command on a remote host and have it do the install without any prompting. Are the any other arguments to the "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager" other than "-install", something that is truly silent?

      Silent installation of Flash Player (using .app installer bundle)

      Do the following to silently install Flash Player 11.3 or later on Mac:

      1 Extract the Adobe Flash Player installer bundle (Install Adobe Flash Player.app) from the .DMG file.

      2 Open a terminal window and change to the directory where the .app file is saved.

      For example, if the .app file is saved on the Desktop of the current user, type:

      cd ~/Desktop

      3 Run the installer contained in the .app file using the following command:

      sudo ./Install Adobe Flash Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Flash Player Install Manager -


      4 Type the password to proceed with the installation.