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    Greyed out LRCAT file (zipped file) - no recovery possible?

    Martin Durand

      First of all, I'm a newbie with LR, and I'm running LR 6.3 on a Macbook Pro.

      I've made the mistake of re-arranging and re-naming my picture folders on my drive. As a result, all links were broken and each picture folder in the Library Module displayed a question mark. As a solution, I re-imported each newly renamed folder.  I now can view all folders and pictures again.


      The problem is all adjustments made to my pictures (WB, Highlights, Shadow, Sharpening etc...) are gone. What should I do? Looking at the last Adobe backup that I made, the zipped LRCAT file is greyed out, therefore cannot be open (in fact all backup made since I purchased LR in November 2015 have greyed out LRCAT zipped file).


      Have I lost all of the adjustments made? Is there another way to recover them all?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi MartinDurand,


          You can try unzip the Lightroom backup folder's and look for the Lightroom catalog file with the extension .Lrcat

          However if you successful to open any one of the latest backup file in Lightroom the images still have the question mark since you have changed the folder name on the hard drive.


          Please refer the link to re-link you images in Lightroom catalog : How to find missing photos in Photoshop Lightroom




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            Martin Durand Level 1

            Mohit, Thanks for your reply.


            I basically had roughly 50 picture folders. I consolidated these into 3 new folders on the Mac's drive (big mistake...). Keep in mind that these 50 or so folder names have not been changed. But by re-importing into LR these 3 newly consolidated folders, all of the previous 50 folders with the question mark symbol (broken link) disappeared, so it's impossible to do a "find missing folder" operation now.


            Do you know of a way to perhaps reverse an import to go back to the way it was before? And if so, will I see again these folders with broken links and then be able to use the "Find missing folder" feature? If I change back the Picture folder on my  hard drive (re-create it to its original structure) would it work, or will I complicate things further more?