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    Careful buying an ASUS motherboard!

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      All may not be well with ASUS Warranty Repair policy

      I have just been informed if mine requires service I may find myself without a computer for a couple of weeks! 

      My five months old motherboard, X99-E WS/USB3.1, has been displaying two problems and I’ve just been informed to get these issues repaired I have to send the mother board to their service center and if lucky I’ll get it back in about two weeks. 

      No mention was made that they would send me a replacement motherboard as long as I provide them with my credit card information to ensure they get the defective back. 

      The two problems with the motherboard are related to USB3.1 not working (i.e. not recognizing USB3.1 devices) and an intermittent issue with DDR4 memory which the motherboard will occasionally not fully recognize, i.e. it drops one or two memory sticks at random locations (slots).

      Having used numerous ASUS motherboards over the years without problems, but for one, which they replaced without issues, by giving them my credit card and returning the defective one once the replacement was received.  This seems to fly in the face of all the good press some here have given ASUS. 

      Oh, about the Warranty documentation, it’s there, somewhere, you’ll find it if you look long enough.  And Yes, what their service department told me is the stated policy …

      Final comment, five times over the past months I’ve received requests to register the product and on doing so their computers inform me it’s already registered, but no one can find my registration…

      Anyone want a defective motherboard – Cheap …


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          That is standard RMA warranty for all manufacturers currently in the industry. However ASUS has an advanced replacement option with the credit card info which you mentioned above for the WS series ie any model that has the WS in the model number unless things have changed. Did you ask for the WS advance replacement when you called for the RMA?





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            mikeklar Level 1


            Exactly my understanding as regards the WS series return policy.  And yes, I've requested the RMA be done via Advance Replacement.   Haven't heard back from the yet ...

            It was not at my request, but theirs to send the motherboard back for repair. Although, that's a given under the circumstances.


            What bothers me most is the fact ASUS people have been sending me questionable instructions to solve this issue.  At least one of which was outright wrong.  See my update under this thread USB3.1 support

            One gets the feeling they have problems with implementing USB3.1 and are still experimenting.


            Thanks for your response.


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              ASUS is honoring its Advance RMA policy.