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    Can Lightroom display the filename in a Slideshow

    chrispy104 Level 1

      As a member of a Photography club my role is to display the images on a projector for the monthly competition that is held.  As part of that process I need to be able to display the filename during the slideshow so that the other members know who the photograph belongs to that is being displayed.  I can't seem to find a way of doing that via a Custom slideshow.


      Now "Aperture" does that very nicely but eventually "Aperture" is going to die a painful and slow death as the revisions of OS X progress into the future.  i.e., Apple is no longer supporting Aperture.


      If there isn't a way of doing that currently in Lightroom then I hope the Developers in Adobe are reading this and may consider adding this to a future revision.  I doubt I would be the only member of a photography club around the world seeking this facility in Lightroom.  The fundamental role of photography clubs is to encourage members to challenge themselves and by conducting competitions it achieves that end.  The club I am involved in is the newest and the most dynamic in our state of Western Australia and that is due to the incredible driving force of the club founder (a professional photographer from Rockingham) who constantly inspires all of us.