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    How to Reverse Pages Order in Acrobat Pro DC

    Brahmanatha Level 1

      Old problem but the Javascripts out there are not working for me and the whole implementation of scripts in Acrobat Pro DC has become more difficult.


      I get books that are scanned back to front so the PDF has page 300 of the book as page 1 of the PDF and page 300 of the PDF is page 1 of the book


      I just need to select all pages and reverse their order. But this does not seem to be an option in any of the tools for editing, organizing pages.


      The Javascripts out there used to add a menu item under the "Documents" menu:



      app.addMenuItem({ cName: “Reverse Page Order”, cParent: “File”, cExec: “PPReversePages();”, cEnable: “event.rc = (event.target != null);”, nPos: 0



      function PPReversePages()


      var t = app.thermometer;

      t.duration = this.numPages;


      for (i = this.numPages – 1; i >= 0; i–)


      t.value = (i-this.numPages)*-1;


      t.text = ‘Moving page ‘ + (i + 1);



      }// JavaScript Document


      but I find no means to run this script...