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    Backup zip files gave "temp" attribute set, defeats backup software


      Hi everyone,


      I make regular backups of my Lightroom catalogue. I also like to have my catalogue backups included in my system backup. However, when Lightroom creates a backup of the catalogue, the zip file has the "temp" attribute set. Quite understandably, some backup software (including mine) will ignore files with the temp attribute set, so the catalogue backup is not backed up. See the "T" in the "Attributes" column in the screenshot below:

      Note that Windows doesn't normally show all the attributes. You have to explicitly add the column to get the display as shown above.


      I use Windows 10 on a PC with the latest 64 bit LR. I consider this to be a bug in the LR backup. Backup files are not temporary! I am posting here in the hope that the Adobe technical team will recognise and correct this issue.


      Thanks for reading,