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    Adobe is not listening to it's Canadian customers.

    TheLandOfDustin Level 2



      After a full year of trying my absolute hardest to find out about purchasing your software in my local currency, Canadian dollars, you still have not provided any information as to when this will be a feature.
      I have made countless conversations on these forums, contacted support numerous times, with no useful information, and and email which said it was being looked into but absolutely no time frame was given.
      I have been completely ignored by every one of your twitter accounts.


      I would like to make an official complaint - or make a complaint escalation.


      Before you suggest directing me to a chat agent, phone rep or using the 'help' wizard, please don't. none of those channels are appropriate for my level of concern I have, and moreover have proven ineffective solutions in the past.


      This is my last attempt to remain a paying customer of your software. I have gone above and beyond JUST to get some sort of timeline from your company. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for a timeline as to when CAD will be an option at checkout considering the implications of having to pay in USD - your services instantly become unaffordable after the exchange rate.


      Again, I will make myself perfectly clear. All I want to do is upgrade my photography plan to the complete plan, for a REASONABLE, local price.
      Again, I am willing to PAY for your services - unlike many other people who do otherwise.


      Adobe, I am being as honest as I humanly can be. I don't think it should have to get this far when customers get this angry over the lack of communication over this pretty important problem - a problem that affects EVERY Canadian citizen.



      So, if you can answer me, and all other concerned Canadians here on this forum, please inform us - otherwise please direct me to an EMAIL where I can make an official complaint about the issue and how it is being handled.


      Thank you.